With consumer loans from "Keremet Bank" OJSC, your thoughts on home improvement or car procurement will be easily implemented.


  • Available interest rates;
  • Short period of funds receipt;

Requirements to the Borrower/Guarantor:

  • Resident of the Kyrgyz Republic, carrying out labor or entrepreneurial activities in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Age - from 20 years old; by the time of loan repayment, the Borrower must not be older than 70 years;
  • Work experience - not less than 6 months, the general experience is not less than 2 years; 
  • Business (for individual entrepreneurs) should be valid for at least 6 months.

Required documents for the loan from the Borrower/Guarantor:

  1. A copy of the Passport;
  2. A copy of the Passport of Borrowers/Guarantors;
  3. Local municipal statement of residence (of necessity);
  4. Salary statement for the last 3/6/12 months (depending on the loan product);
  5. Copy of the certificate of marriage registration or dissolution of a marriage;
  6. Right stating and title confirmation documents for collateralized property;
  7. Copies of documents on leased premises/facilities (if necessary);
  8. Other documents required by the credit expert for analysis.

Requirements for pledged collateral in the form of real estate:

As collateral for the loan may be taken real estate depending on the year of construction and the material of the walls according to the conditions given in the table:**

Category of real estate Wall material Year of construction
Apartments reinforced concrete since 1960
Apartments brick since 1960
Apartments all other since 1980
Residential buildings brick since 1960
Residential buildings straw brick (cob brick, clay adobe) since 1980
Residential buildings all other since 1980
Nonresidential premise reinforced concrete since 1960
Nonresidential premise brick since 1960
Nonresidential premise all other since 1980

** When providing collateral for real estate with the year of construction exceeding the terms specified in this table, the Bank may require additional collateral in the form of real estate.

Partner companies of the Bank for insurance of movable and immovable property for 2019/2020 years:

  • "Ingosstrakh" IJSC
  • "Insurance Company Kyrgyzstan" CJSC
  • "Mega Insurance Group" CJSC
  • "State Insurance Organization" JSC

On consumer lending, you can contact any branch of the bank or Contact Center on: 996 (312) 55 44 44

Tariffs of credits

NOTE: The Bank reserves the right to change and establish individual tariffs.