About the bank

About the bank

"Keremet Bank" OJSC is the legal successor of the rights, assets and liabilities of "Rosinbank" OJSC. In October 2018 the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic became the main owner of the Bank's shares and its share after the last emission in December 2020 amounted to 97.45%.

"Keremet Bank" OJSC is a universal financial institution with a developed regional network, one of the most extensive infrastructures of banking equipment and a diverse range of services for all market segments. The Bank operates according to international standards, offering a flexible tariff policy and the most modern standards of service. With a wide branch network Keremet Bank serves thousands of corporate and retail customers in all regions of the country who can always count on efficiency, accuracy and individual approach.

As an active participant in the State program to increase non-cash payments Keremet Bank is actively working to expand the banking infrastructure in all regions of the country and increase public access to banking services. The Bank occupies one of the leading places among commercial banks of Kyrgyzstan in terms of servicing plastic cards, the number of salary projects and accepting payments from the population. "Keremet Bank" OJSC is one of the leaders among the financial institutions of Kyrgyzstan in terms of the number of banking equipment in the country. It is an active participant of the national payment system "Elkart" and an official member of such international payment systems as VISA, UnionPay, "Zolotaya korona" ("Golden Crown") and "MIR" (the Bank is the first of the financial institutions of Kyrgyzstan which began to accept and service Russian payment cards "MIR").

"Keremet Bank" OJSC actively supports public sector employees in the framework of the product "Social Mortgage". The Bank supports targeted programs to support corporate clients, small and medium-sized businesses in Kyrgyzstan, financing individual entrepreneurs and legal entities working in the field of production and processing, tourism, trade, agriculture, transport and communications, housing, education and medicine, as well as export-oriented projects in the regions.

"Keremet Bank" OJSC is a leader in the application of high technologies: it uses an innovative CRM-system, has modern mobile and Internet banking which allow you to keep a competitive position in the market and promote innovative technologies.